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Artis Opus Series D Drybrush Set (Ninjon Slay the Gray)

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Artis Opus are proud to announce our collaboration with Ninjon (whose content we love, check him out:

This unique set comes resplendent with Ninjon’s branding, in order to help you Slay the Gray like you never have before!

Series D is the set that brought about the miniature painting industries’ drybrushing revolution! We arrived a little too late to change the name… but not too late to forget chalky ‘dry’ looking models!

Each brush is handmade in the UK, shaped perfectly (round, not flat), and densely packed with high quality hair. They will outlast any other drybrush, especially when used in conjunction with our dampening pad (see tutorial below).

This set includes all 5 drybrushes (including the beloved beast of industry which is the XL), brush cleaning soap, and a dampening pad.

- Size XS Drybrush
- Size S Drybrush
- Size M Drybrush
- Size L Drybrush
- Size XL Drybrush
- 3ml Brush Soap
- Dampening pad

Don’t forget to check out Ninjon’s XL Texture Palette here, which is a perfect companion to the set!

Each set bought helps support Ninjon, who is now a full-time content creator, Artis Opus are proud to be supporting his work!