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Goonhammer - Custom Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE) (Inc. GH Dice & Sticker!)

Goonhammer - Custom Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE) (Inc. GH Dice & Sticker!)

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Artis Opus are proud to announce our collaboration with Goonhammer, one of the very best sources of information and news about our hobby (we love their content, check them out here). The community based team of international writers behind Goonhammer deliver up to date news and reviews of products to help you improve your efforts in categories across all tabletop gaming formats. We're absolutely thrilled to release a set of brushes hand-picked by their team.

This set has been customised top-to-bottom, not only does it include their hand pick of of brushes that help to follow and deliver their painting style, it is complete with their unique branding and every sale helps support Goonhammer directly. Each brush is handmade in the UK and densely packed with the highest quality pure Kolinsky sable, and triple-tested to our industry-leading and exacting quality standards.

The Goonhammer Team's perfect five (in their words):

S5: An amazing all around brush. We’re using it on everything, from base coats to Epic scale lenses. Big belly, super fine point, our favorite brush.

M2: Short stiff bristles with a fine point make this perfect for freehanding, highlighting edges, and precision work.

S0: When you need precision in a tight area this brush is what you need. Also great for edge highlights, and details like eyes.

DS: A great detail drybrush that can produce smooth blends like heat scorching or bring out small details like bolters and scales.

DM+: just like the small, only bigger and faster. The two together will get you through any drybrushing needs!

This set includes:

- Medium+ Series D Drybrush
- Small Series D Dry Brush
- Size 5 Series S Brush
- Size 0 Series S Brush
- Size 2 Series M Brush

- Series D Dampening Pad Pot
- 3ml Brush Soap

- GH Sticker + 2 different GH Dice

Don’t forget to check out Goonhammer's XL Texture Palette here, which is a perfect companion to the set!

Each set purchased helps support Goonhammer directly, Artis Opus is proud to be supporting their incredible work!

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