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Year of the Tiger Brush Set (Limited Edition Numbered) (D/S/M)

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Brush Set

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This gorgeous set's first run features:

  • Tigerwood veneer, sanded and polished to perfection.
  • Individually numbered! (Each set from the first run will be fully unique in name, as well as natural variation!)
  • Serious tiger design, to keep your painting focused!

Year of the Tiger: Series S
This numbered first edition release includes a special selection of brushes from Series S, including our fan-favourite the S3, for the biggest-bellied detail brush available, just in time for new summer projects!


  • Series S - 000
  • Series S - 00
  • Series S - 0
  • Series S - 1
  • Series S - 3 (instead of the usual 2)
  • Brush Soap

Year of the Tiger: Series D
This numbered first edition release includes all of the brushes from Series D’s range of industry-changing Drybrushes, our dampening pad (part of how we achieve our smooth drybrushing), and brush soap to keep your brushes in tip-top condition.


  • Series D - Extra Small
  • Series D - Small
  • Series D - Medium
  • Series D - Large
  • Series D - Extra Large
  • Dampening Pad
  • Brush Soap

Year of the Tiger: Series M
This numbered first edition release includes every brush from Series M’s range of ‘miniature’ brushes… for miniature painting.

What do you mean? All my brushes are for miniatures…
If you're not familiar with Series M: these are a style of shorter brushes, preferred by some for the stiffer finish, resulting from less flex in the brush-body. Painters such as our incredibly talented Signature Artist Angel Giraldez use them for a large portion of their work, while some save them for detailing such as freehand, chipping, or other battle-damage.


  • Series M - 000
  • Series M - 00
  • Series M - 0
  • Series M - 1
  • Series M – 2
  • Brush Soap

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