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Paint Shaker: Artis Opus Companion Series

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The Artis Opus paint shaker is the first in our new Companion Series of products, designed to support artists achieving the best results. The Paint Shaker conveniently and thoroughly mixes paints at a touch of a button, using laboratory grade technology to ensure no separation.

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- Re-invigorate and revitalise dormant paints
- Compact, sturdy design
- Adjustable power settings
- Weighted body and suction cups ensure stability
- No more ‘painter’s elbow’ when you get out old paint.

With adjustable power settings and a built-in regulator the Artis Opus Paint Shaker gives users the ability to set power to suit the type of paint being shaken. It features a laboratory-grade motor, giving centrifugal shaking power to the user along with a robust and weighty construction.


Setting A:

Setting A allows the painters to press a paint pot onto the rubber top trigger switch pad and our shaker start upon depression. The amount of power can also be controlled by the frontal regulator / resistor and used to suit the power for the paint being shaken.


Setting B:

Setting B cuts off the on-off switch in favour of running constantly. This allows more aggressive agitation for stubborn paints. Setting B (at maximum power) is useful for batching paints before a session, or thicker mediums, such as base and technical paints.