Series M - Brush Set - LATE PLEDGE

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Through further research, we discovered that "Miniature size brushes" are a desired addition to many painter's arsenals.

These brushes feature a shorter, smaller point, in contrast to normal brushes like Series S.

Series M has been designed with the insight of Katarzyna Gorza, a prolific and talented artist within the industry. Katarzyna describes them as "the perfect miniature series".

Series M has been designed and will be built to the same rigorous standards of quality that we upheld with Series S, using only the highest grade pure Kolinsky Sable. Users can expect the same durability and longevity, as well as pristine, perfect points, and our broader ergonomic handles to increase comfort over long hours of painting.

Users new to Artis Opus brushes will easily adjust to the increased width, and then benefit from the comfort, avoiding ‘painter’s cramp’, and allowing them to paint for longer. The singular design of Series M produces a tip with less flex than traditionally shaped brushes, allowing for an unyielding head.

Miniature brushes are defined by their shorter heads, with less length to the bristles they have less flex. Some artists use these stiffer brushes for detail work, freehand, line-work, etc, while others use them for the majority of painting as a matter of personal preference. Whatever the use ‘Miniatures’ are employed when there is a need for precision, accuracy, and control.