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David Arroba - Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE)

David Arroba - Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE)

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Artis Opus are proud to announce our collaboration with multiple award-winning Spanish master, David Arroba (whose content we love, check them out here). David is one of our signature artists, a prolific painter, and teacher. We're absolutely thrilled to release a set of brushes hand-picked by the master himself.

This set has been customised top-to-bottom, not only does it include David's personal favourite 5 brushes, it is complete with his branding, and every sale helps support David directly. Each brush is handmade in the UK and densely packed with the highest quality pure Kolinsky sable, and triple-tested to our industry-leading and exacting quality standards.

David's words on his set, style, and collection of brushes:

'The main goal of the brushes that I have designed is to offer the greatest "versatility" to the painter. It contains five brushes that allow us to work on any possible scale of figures, it has bigger brushes to work on larger scales, and smaller brushes that offer great precision to paint small-scale figures. I use long-haired brushes most of the time, mostly for personal taste, in my painting style, when working with not very thinned or diluted paint, paint tends to dry faster on short-haired brushes, making it difficult to draw...

Even so, I have included a short-haired M2 brush because I think it's a brush that works as a "wildcard" in the set, with very different properties to the rest, which can be useful: It's very useful for both large and small scales, especially focused on working in detail.

My Selection:

- Number 5 S series:
Fundamental for working on large scale models covering large surfaces quickly. Because of Artis Opus' great quality, it's a brush that has a great body but also a good tip to work on details from the beginning.

- Number 2 S series:
Once we're done with the initial work and we want to start adding more detail and work in depth on large-scale models, this long-haired number two offers us everything we need, a great balance between a smaller body and a good tip for adding detail.

- Number 2 M series: "Wildcard".
A very versatile and useful brush for both large and small scales.

- Number 1 S series:
In my opinion, the optimum brush for initial work on smaller scale models, it has a good body for the fast coverage of the first layers and a very good tip for initial detail.

- Number 000 S series:
All those who know my painting style know that I am a big fan of really small brushes for detail work on small-scale models because they offer us a very high level of precision and a huge capacity to add small details. It's fundamental to have this fantastic 000 in the set.

This set includes:

- Size 5 Series S Brush
- Size 2 Series S Brush
- Size 1 Series S Brush
- Size 000 Series S Brush
- Size 2 Series M Brush

- 3ml Brush Soap

Don’t forget to check out David Arroba’s XL Texture Palette here, which is a perfect companion to the set!

Each set purchased helps support David directly, Artis Opus is proud to be supporting his incredible work!

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